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Here you will find a personal webpage dedicated to my taste in Soul music. Mostly in the Northern / Modern genre.

I came to know Northern Soul in the post wigan Era. Attending the allnighter scene throughout the Eighties and early Nineties mainly attending The Top of the World Stafford and the Nottingham Oddfellows in Leicester.

These two nighters had the greatest effect on my musical taste as well as being educated by a friend locally, the late Steve Plimmer. Steve introduced me to more progressive soul, James Cobin, Mavis Staples, Jesse James and the great Poet albums of Bobby Womack being just a few...

Although I will initially explore the past Nighter scene I will endeavor to keep this up to date, with real audio from my personal collection aswell as from one or two friends of mine. Any chance Chic?

Thought I'd let you join me on my 21st birthday night - click on the Live button to hear Eddie Parker and Lorraine Chandler live at Top of the World!

Other great allnighters I attended were:

Hinckley Leisure Centre - Thanks Chris King for 'The Rictic Review' and Chuck Jackson (who couldn't remember the words to most of his songs )

Central Pier Morecombe - Long trip but worth it!

The Clifton Hall, Rotherham - Always a good night .

Don't forget you need realplayer to listen to my Soul audio. You can download it by clicking on image.

You can email me here for any suggestions


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